When you think of Adobe, you might think of Adobe Acrobat on your computer for creating PDFs. However, Adobe has a lot of developer-friendly cloud-based APIs to allow you to do many of the actions you would do in Adobe Acrobat. For example, Adobe PDF Tools API allows you to create PDFs, export them into different formats, extract pages, etc. These are extremely useful for quick tools to incorporate in your app. It’s easy to get started with a pay-as-you-go subscription on AWS that include a free two-week evaluation to try out all the APIs. …

Learn how to use Adobe Document Generation and Adobe Sign with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Adobe PDF Services and Adobe Sign in Microsoft Power Automate allow you to incorporate document generation and e-signatures into Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Very recently, I was taking a flight and had to change my flight to the following day. Instead of jumping onto a phone call, I was able to work with a chatbot reschedule. The bot was able to look up my information and saved me a lot of time, and saved me the hassle of listening to muzak waiting on hold.

These days, chatbots are all over the place. They are on websites, built into apps, and or even built into intranets and communication tools like Microsoft Teams. According to IBM, chatbots can reduce customer service costs by 30% because…

New features include updated Adobe Document Generation add-in for Word, new playground demo, and Liquid Mode documents.

Adobe Document Generation Playground allows you to try generating documents without any code.

While many of you may be unpacking some of the updates we released in June, we have some significant new updates for Adobe Document Generation in our July release we are excited to share. These updates provide easier ways for you to play around with Adobe Document Generation, get started, as well as helpful tools for Adobe Sign users.

NEW: Adobe Document Generation playground site

Been interested in Adobe Document Generation but haven’t had time to download the SDK and give it a try? No worries. There is now a demo site you can give it a try. The website allows you to:

  • See how…

Generate Word or PDF documents automatically using Adobe Document Generation actions in Microsoft Power Automate.

These days, people are looking to automate many everyday actions within their organization. In a world where people are more commonly having smart homes, people get more used to having the bots do much of the tedious work. By becoming more comfortable in this venue, people are expecting more ways to automate tasks at work.

One of the everyday tasks that people need to get done in their work is generating documents. Whether this is contracts, employee on-boarding paperwork, brochures, statements, or invoices, creating documents using Adobe Document Generation can save a considerable amount of time copying and pasting content…

New features in June 2021 added to Adobe Document Services like PDF Extract and Document Generation for Microsoft Power Automate provides more ways to create and analyze PDF documents.

Adobe has been hard at work the last several months offering new ways to automate document processes in your apps and workflows. In March, Adobe announced Adobe PDF Tools connector for Microsoft Power Automate to add PDF actions in your flows. In March, Adobe released Adobe Document Generation API, which will enable you to generate Word and PDF documents based on data dynamically. In September, Adobe provided PDF Extract API as a private beta.

This month, we have new updates to make it easier for you to generate your documents and extract data from your PDFs dynamically. …

Microsoft Teams Approvals now allows you to send documents for e-signature using Adobe Sign.

Back in the day, my old boss used to have everyone pile paperwork on their desk to review and sign off on the paperwork. The stack would pile up and wait for him to get into the office. Getting paperwork approved and signed could be a miracle.

These days, all of my time interacting with my team is inside of Microsoft Teams. It has become one of those applications that I have open at all times, kind of like Microsoft Outlook or your web browser has been for years. …

Whether you are a designer, your daily life these days undoubtably is probably spent working in Adobe Creative Cloud tools for design, but also with a dozen windows of Microsoft Teams, Outlook and a bunch of other applications open. In fact, while you might do much of your work in Creative Cloud, your colleagues may work primarily in Microsoft 365 in SharePoint, OneDrive, and other applications, while you are most often in Adobe Creative Cloud.

When someone gives you files for a creative project, a lot of times they might be stored in SharePoint and then need to get sent…

In my previous article, I walked through how you can automatically make documents searchable when they are dropped in a folder. But what if you want to select a file and do a custom action to it, like add PDF protection to a PDF?

Adobe PDF Tools for Microsoft Power Automate allows you to easily create flows for all your document-related processes, such as OCR, creating PDFs, combining PDFs, etc. One benefit is adding password protection to view or adding granular controls to prevent printing, copying, etc.

Microsoft Power Automate is an automation service included as part of Microsoft 365…

These days, when you go to a website, the website might change depending on your profile, or a cookie that informs that they should change images on the landing page. But wouldn’t it be cool if you could easily do that with your documents?

Most of the time we expect personalization online, but when it comes to documents, we are relegated to typing things manually into a Word document or other formats. No automation, just all manual.

Let’s say you are writing a proposal. The proposal is for a client in the healthcare industry, so you want to make the…

Let’s say you scan a piece of paper and convert it to PDF. Did you know your PDF can have its text and images processed to make it easy to search through? This also makes it easy for other applications like SharePoint, BOX, Dropbox, and others to index your content, so you can search for them in those applications.

Depending on which PDF engine you use, you might run into issues. Some PDF engines just take an image and create a PDF wrapper around it. …

Ben Vanderberg

Principal Technical Evangelist at Adobe

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