Learn how you can dynamically generate documents in bulk from Excel data and also send it for signature in Microsoft 365 with Adobe connectors.

Adobe Document Generation API provides a lot of tools to automate documents that you can’t do just with Adobe Sign.

Learn how to use Adobe Document Generation and Adobe Sign with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Adobe PDF Services and Adobe Sign in Microsoft Power Automate allow you to incorporate document generation and e-signatures into Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

New features include updated Adobe Document Generation add-in for Word, new playground demo, and Liquid Mode documents.

Adobe Document Generation Playground allows you to try generating documents without any code.

Generate Word or PDF documents automatically using Adobe Document Generation actions in Microsoft Power Automate.

New features in June 2021 added to Adobe Document Services like PDF Extract and Document Generation for Microsoft Power Automate provides more ways to create and analyze PDF documents.

Microsoft Teams Approvals now allows you to send documents for e-signature using Adobe Sign.

Ben Vanderberg

Principal Technical Evangelist at Adobe

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